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Ebook available just click

#IME urban poetry series will not change your financial life but I can guarantee it will make you feel rich after completion.

#IME will not take away your anger, but it will help you understand it.

#IME will not overcome your obstacles for you but it will give you advice on how to start. 

#IME will not help your loved one overcome addiction but it will help you understand what they are going through.

#IME will not escape the pain for you, but it will show you that you are not alone.

#IME will not help you loose weight, jump higher become smarter, it will not help you improve your sports skills, it will not pass a test for you, it will not make you handsome it will not grow you muscles or make you pretty.


#IME will give you the confidence, it will put your darkest moments into words you can relate to. #IME will encourage you to look outside of the box! #IME will help you, this book has the power to change your life if you allow it!




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Looking for a speaker?

If you have any questions about hiring Juelz to speak please contact: juelzpublishing@gmail.com 

In My Eyes Urban Poetry Series is the greatest series of poetry created since Shakespeare penned his Sonnets. Filled with powerful lines of truth emerged with a unique rhythmic pattern delivered by the inspiring style of poet Juelz. Have you ever found yourself at a lost for words to describe the way you are feeling? Well, good thing every possible scenario is explored in this magnificent creation of words. I challenge anyone to read every poem in this book. This book isn't for anyone this book is for everyone. This book is for the weak that seek to be strong this is for the ambitious who never give up on their dreams. This book is for those strong enough to fight addiction. This book is for those who stand up for equality and fight for justice for everyone. This book is for those willing to explore through the eyes of another. Sometimes the best way to understand our own struggle is to explore through another's. Well that is what IN MY EYES URBAN POETRY SERIES is all about, take a chance explore the world get lost in the words come on this ride see our world IN MY EYES.


For any booking inquiries, please contact:Julian Davenport:


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